Turkey Tail Mushroom Liquid Extract

The Turkey Tail mushroom is a common mushroom that grows primarily in temperate woodlands. The mushroom's name comes from the fact that when it grows on rotting trees, the mushroom's fruiting body resembles the rued feathers of a turkey's tail. The Turkey Tail Mushroom was brewed as tea or powdered into a pure powder in old Chinese culture, and it is today one of the most extensively utilized mushrooms in the world.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Liquid Extract is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and contains Australian sourced ingredients, which have the highest vitamin C content, enhancing the mushroom's advantages. This product is extract flavoring.

This is available in 60ml and 120ml.

The Turkey Tail mushroom includes bioactive mixtures such as Polysaccharopeptide and Polysaccharide Krestin.

  • Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol (30%), Australian Trametes versicolor. (Trametes versicolor. Mycelial Biomass, Trametes versicolor. Fruiting Body), Natural Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum.

Directions: Directly into your coffee, milkshake, tea, or water, add your liquid double extracts.

Serving Size: You can use this as guidance for the suggested serving amount of 2 ml - 1/2 a dropper full is roughly 1 ml.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Please read the FAQs below if you have any questions concerning the differences between our double liquid extracts and powders, or if you have any other general questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@lifecykel.com if you can't find the solution you're looking for!

General FAQs
Yes. If you are not satisfied with your goods within the first 7 days of getting them, we will refund your money. You must contact our customer service department at info@lifecykel.com and return the entire product/set to our address at your own expense.
There is presently insufficient evidence to establish that mushroom supplements are safe for children to take. Please visit your doctor or pediatrician for more information.
There is presently insufficient evidence to establish that mushroom supplements are safe to take during pregnancy. Please visit your doctor for more information.
This product should not be consumed by people who are allergic to mushrooms. Please visit your doctor for more information. Please accept my sincere gratitude for your patience.
Our expertise as mushroom farmers in mushroom farming. Life Cykel takes great delight in manufacturing products of the finest possible quality. As a source of research undertaken by many international research institutes and universities, we propose using https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov. When searching for a species, make sure you mention the name of the species. In addition, we recommend contacting your doctor for additional information. Our items are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Thank you for your enthusiasm for the fascinating world of mushrooms.
This is not our area of expertise as mushroom farmers. Any medical questions should be directed to your local GP or professional.
Liquid Extracts FAQs

Different techniques are used to create powders and liquid extracts. Our powders have a 10:1 ratio, which means 10kg of mushroom material was utilized to generate 1kg of powder. A spray-drying procedure is used to create the powder.

Our liquid extracts are made in a 1:2 ratio, which means that 1kg of mushroom material yields 2L of liquid extract. A twofold extraction process is used to create the liquid extracts (water and alcohol-based). This twofold liquid extract ensures that both water-soluble (polysaccharides like beta-glucans) and alcohol soluble (primarily antioxidants like triterpenoids) components are present in the final product and bioavailable to the user.

We think that liquid extracts contain a wide range of full-spectrum chemicals that work together synergistically, whereas powders are isolated molecules.

We recommend that you evaluate the difference for yourself; some people prefer powders, while others prefer liquids.

Please feel free to mix and match different extracts. We encourage people to experiment with different extract mixtures to see what works best for them.

The amount of starch in our liquid extracts is less than 1%. With our patent-pending extraction procedure, we can separate the majority of the grain components (mostly starch) from the mycelium.

One serve contains 0.6ml of alcohol because it is 2ml in volume. This is the same as drinking 12ml of a typical 5% alcohol beer or 5.2ml of a standard 11.5 percent alcohol white wine restaurant glass size (150ml). This is a trace amount of alcohol that has no intoxicating properties. In Australia, a standard drink is defined as any beverage that contains 10 grams of alcohol.

To make alcohol-soluble chemicals (mostly antioxidants like triterpenoids) bioavailable to consumers, alcohol is employed to extract them. You'd just have water-soluble chemicals if we didn't use alcohol in our extracts.

1 serve of extract is equivalent to 0.6ml alcohol = 0.4g of alcohol = 4% of a standard drink

Yes, our liquid extracts are vegetarian and vegan, as they do not include any animal products.

Our products have a long shelf life. Commonly used extracts can be stored at room temperature, but if you aren't going to use them right away after they've been opened, we recommend refrigerating the bottles to extend their life.

Our extracts of Lion's Mane Hericium corraloides and Turkey Tail Trametes versicolor are from strains local to Australia.

We have opted not to promote beta-glucans on our extracts until we can obtain exact test reports on their composition.

Because beta-glucan and terpenes laboratory testing is still in its infancy, we do not feel these markers are currently valid. While we know that beta-glucans and terpenes are crucial, the science behind them is still a mystery. Instead of erinacines and hericenones, the Australian native Lion's Mane strain we're employing contains corralocins, which are comparable to erinacines and hericenones.

The current FSANZ standard requirements make this a necessity. In our liquid extracts, we don't utilize any artificial flavoring ingredients. Our liquid extracts are produced with organic materials including Kakadu Plum from the wild.

Our Liquid Extracts include calorie-dense alcohol or vegetable glycerin. As a result, the fast will be broken.

Our liquid extracts are made in a 1:2 ratio, which means that 1kg of mushroom material yields 2L of liquid extract.

A twofold extraction process is used to create the liquid extracts (water and alcohol-based).

This twofold liquid extract ensures that both water-soluble (polysaccharides like beta-glucans) and alcohol soluble (primarily antioxidants like triterpenoids) components are present in the final product and bioavailable to the user.

To ensure that the entire life cycle of the mushrooms is represented in the ultimate product, we use both fruiting bodies, primordia, and mycelium.

Our liquid extracts are refined using pharmaceutical-grade technology, resulting in a purified color that is clear and bright.

Other firms' extracts, on the other hand, are created without purification procedures, resulting in a highly pigmented extract with an unpleasant pungent flavor.

Our extract is made up of 70% purified water extract and 30% alcohol extract refined extract.

The native Australian Kakadu Plum embedded within the mushrooms gives the extracts a delicious taste while also boosting the mushrooms' effect.

The Kakadu plum is mostly used as a natural flavoring. We make no claims about the amount of vitamin C in our extract. We think the formulation is fantastic for getting the most out of your day, and we get a lot of great feedback about it daily.

Flavorings are the category in which our extracts fall. The number of calories consumed is low.

All native ingredients were sourced through our indigenous partnership with BUR'AN Australia, a social venture corporation with a defined strategy and purpose that focuses on unique long-term socioeconomic indigenous initiatives that build cultural bridges of understanding between local and global communities.

Each transaction benefits the communities in which they are located.

Fruiting bodies and mycelium are used to make our liquid extracts because we feel both contain characteristics that are advantageous in this accessible form. The amount of starch in our liquid extracts is less than 0.5 percent.

This research demonstrates that we can remove up to 99 percent of all starch from the substrate on which the mycelium is growing. This is feasible because of our patented proprietary extraction method.

We are continuously refining and optimizing our technology with our fantastic global team of scientists, which includes a biotechnology engineer, nanotechnologist, microbiologist, mycologist, and food scientist, to ensure we are growing the highest quality fruiting bodies and mycelium and using the best extraction processes.

Our Cordyceps, Chaga, and Reishi extracts are produced and developed in the United States because biosecurity rules prevent us from growing these strains in Australia.

We grow all the mushroom fruiting bodies we use in our extracts, and we don't utilize any Chinese-based chemicals in our liquid extracts.

Most of our fruiting bodies are produced on hardwood sawdust, with the exception of cordyceps, which is grown on an organic brown rice substrate.


Tristinne C

Such an easy-to-use way to grow your own mushrooms on the kitchen bench! Just add water twice a day and you get beautiful, lush mushrooms! How great that they use coffee grounds as the base, so you are saving landfill.


Lachlan S

Fantastic product second time ordered it took about 2-3 weeks for the data to change but it has done wonders for my deep and REM sleep. And generally, feel better when taking them.


Juliette T

Was nice to have an indoor healthy activity for my son and I to do together. Each morning he would report how much each plant had grown. We’ve now moved them to the front yard. Still waiting on the mushrooms to sprout.


Princes A

These products are my real-life saver! Lions Mane and Reishi at night secures my good and deep sleep. I am so happy and I highly recommend it. Chaga and Cordyceps gives you an instant boost without feeling jittery. My appetite is better, I can't believe I only learned about these products recently.


Frances M

First try I felt and energy that went thru my body and felt my hair like goosebumps coming… the next day I woke up.my vision was much clearer…not sure if it's the effect but truly that was my experience. After 7 days, at work, I didn't get so exhausted and tired like before. I work in high care Dementia unit. Hence, stress is high but using lifecykel Read more about review stating Truly Effective. I felt calmer and more productive

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